Admin Clerks are required to generate and action the Data Validation List on weekly basis, as well as the ART Regimen Line Validation List on monthly basis. Please refer to the document “Integrated TB HIV Data Management SOP Part I: Facility Level”, which is available under Resources & Tools.

Note: data quality is not only the responsibility of Admin Clerks. Facility Managers and clinicians must support data quality by ensuring solid clinical record-keeping in legible handwriting in the prescribed stationery. Further, strong data utilisation by Facility Managers and clinicians tends to drive and encourage stronger data quality practices.

THIS Key Implementers (TKIs) are required to conduct an audit of each facility at least once per quarter, using the electronic version of the “Integrated Audit Tool, 2019”, which is available under Resources & Tools in the ‘Support Tools’ folder.

Facility staff may choose to use the same audit tool for more frequent internal use, in order to take ownership of assessing and improving their data quality on ongoing basis.

Please ensure that only the latest version of TIER.Net is used.