TB/HIV Information Systems Support Portal

Critical Messages and Updates

Welcome to the new THIS Support Portal!

The new version of TIER.Net, v 1.13, is available for download in the Resources and Tools section.

TB/HIV Integration Initiative Overview

The TB/HIV information systems (THIS) integration process was initiated by the National Department of Health (NDoH) in 2015 to integrate the collection of HIV and TB data in South African health facilities. The integration implementation process began in earnest in 2017, and is led by Dr. Riona Govender and Nevilla Somnath. The National Implementation Team (NIT) supports the THIS integration implementation process.

South Africa is faced with high HIV/TB co-infection, and the health system needs to manage these patients in a coordinated way − otherwise, resources are inefficiently use and patient care is compromised. Substantial efforts have been made to integrate care, but the information systems supporting this care have been separate.

Based on a World Health Organization recommendation on systems integration and an independent assessment of systems in use, the NDoH decided that in-facility TB data collection, using the TB module in TIER.Net, should be implemented in addition to the existing ART functionality.

TIER.Net maintains a unique record for the patient at facility level, and records patient data longitudinally. As such, all HIV, ART, and DS-TB data for the patient will be stored together, and reports can be drawn and actioned to facilitate improved patient management. Subsequent adherence to critical prescriptions around maintenance and utilisation of TIER.Net at the facility level can also support improved patient health outcomes.

Structure Of The Portal

The portal is structured to be a routine resource for those who regularly manage, utilise, and interact with the TB/HIV information system. Currently, the portal has three primary functions:

FAQ − This section includes answers to frequently asked questions organized into thematic categories for ease of browsing.

Resources and Tools − This section is where critical files, including guidance materials, training slide decks, TIER.Net installers, and other resources, can be found. Some files are available openly, i.e. a user does not need a login to access the documents, and some are available only to users with login details.

Contact Us − This section is a place where users can log/submit questions to be answered by the National Implementation Team (NIT).

Additional functionality is to come, and communications will be sent out when that functionality is available.